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The new weapons Empty The new weapons

Post  Panthian on Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:56 pm

- Brawler's Beat Stick: Legion Brawlers (Open World)
- Helot Minigun: Any Elite Helots (PvE Missions)
- Legion SMG: Legion Grunts (Open World)

- Adrenaline Nanite Gun: Any Elite Alchemists (PvE Missions)
- Legion Combat Knife: Legion Grunts (Open World)
- Legion Sidearm: Legion Sergeant (Open World)

- Assassin's Sword: Any Elite Assassins (PvE Missions)
- Dweller Sniper Rifle: Elkas Snipers (Open World)
- Rusted Machete: Kanar Scout (Open World)

- Colony Energy Rifle: Colony Drones (Open World)
- Heavy Wrench: Colony Drones (Open World)
- Techro's Rumbleblaster: Any Elite Techros (PvE Missions)

The new weapons Completedmap


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The new weapons Empty Re: The new weapons

Post  Kev on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:46 am

Thanks, Panthian.


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