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Building of a team Empty Building of a team

Post  Panthian on Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:49 pm

One thing I noticed in ave, we need to become more a team, we need to improve communication, responces and over all team work.

There are some simple things we can do to improve this.
- Agency pve raids, or atleast try to get as many of our members in 1 raid, I can offer every class myself though I need to get more skilled as recon to be really effective in raids.

- pve missions, smaller scale then raiding but still a good place to learn to rely on eachother. Also , just like raids, great to farm tokens, credits, xp and crafting materials we need as agency for ava and mods.

Merc, Im not sure how large of a group the system alows you to take in but its still a good place to refine our skills, communication and responce.

4 vs 4 , probebly the best place to observe what we do right and wrong, also a good place to learn the strenght and weaknesses of our own tactics.

This may be rough to plan but it shouldnt be a reason to atleast try to team up with what we got.

Another thing that is usefull and if people are bored enough to do something even more boring.. farm materials in pve solo missions or in the desert.
Not sure who had the map and location high lighted but Ill post that later on.


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Building of a team Empty Re: Building of a team

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:23 am

Alright well I know im new to this agency so this might piss you off but this has to be the worst leadership ive ever seen. You guys still do very good considering this. Like I said I know this is offensive but ive been in many agencies and I think what I know can help mercsquad. Just to list a few Defiance, Insertion, warwolves, evo , 82nd , 162nd , exile , meltdown , ga ,fiend and you cant deny I rolled you guys while racom and I was leading. I was also a officer of insertion , co leader of fiend and leader of metal militia.

1st of all after last night I saw all the flaws. I was getting yelled at for trying to get heals I guess I was in the way so I understood but after that are medics are just not good enough to bring no med crates. The harrier thing works on defense I can see that specially when I top everyone on kills but on offense you need bring some stations. Ive never died that much in my whole ava experience.

The biggest flaw of all is who the hell is leading the strike force ????? Honestly I hear 3 different guys barking orders and spunkii. This does nothing but confuse ,even if you are barking the same orders whoever puts the sf together needs to lead it simple as that. There was one match last night I honestly was givin no orders at all so I stayed with snake for atleast 15 min before they even realized they had another robo or so it seemed. Briefing before hand helps alot with this.

Other then that calling and focus firing targets. The agency really needs to work with this. What I have done and experienced with agencies in the past is you use the best medic to pain gun. It is far easier to shoot at something thats marked by a purple stream then to read names. What do you think dread and zt were doing last night ??

As for attacking you need to make list of what to focus on as soon as you enter the building. You guys focus 1 or 2 things and then its just a ffa at what you want to shoot at from there.

Before going in
1. Focus Turrets
2. Pop Prot !! / healing grenade
Once your in
3. Robos make x on point with force wall
you cant imagine how much this helps
4. Then Medics
and I know you guys are trying to do most of this but thats why its not good having 4 people bark orders. Cause I honestly heard more people complaining about not focusing targets rather then calling them. Anyone can call them but its easiest for medics and assualts to do so since there face to face with them.

The really good agencies ive played ran this way. Anywho if you got this far I apreciate it and sorry if it offends as I know it might since im the new guy but its for the best. One last thing when you start yelling I start laughing lol it does nothing but make you seem like weak leader. Also if you feel the need to boot me out of the agency for this dont hesitate. Other wise im sure you will put my knowledge to good use.

Oh ya and one last thing thanks for letting me ava, its alot of fun with you guys.


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Post  Meltdown on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:20 pm

You are abosolutly right. I understand that after a post like that me starting off with that sentence makes me sound sarcastic and so will most of the rest of my post since I'm gonna cridisize the hell out of myself, but let me note I'm completely serious and I agree with what you said. It didnot offend me to read your post because as I've stated above you are right. My leadership of the SF is terrible, I know it and I think if anyone thinks otherwise you're deluding yourself. I am terrible at giving orders while I'm trying to do something else, I get so focused on doing X that I forget the overall plan and procedure, I blame myself. I believe I can orgianize and I believe putting this agency together I have proved that skill is some way or form. However I should not be the leader of SF1. I brought Kurbage into the SF not only because I knew he was a talented Robo/Player, but I also brought him in to see what we were doing wrong compared to say Friend. He like Uchu and Jonni, is a complete stranger to our team and thus is in an excellent place to look and say WTF. Last night I talked to Spunkii and told her that I cannot lead the SF atm, part of that is because I've never seen a good example of how to run one. Maybe, and this is going way out there, if I saw someone that was good at running the SF and excuting the appropreate tactics, I could learn. I learned a lot from Uchu and Jonni, but I was still "leading" the SF when they were there and I wasn't actully learning how to lead. I'm going to let Spunkii run the SF in the upcoming season, but I would like to take others into consideration, so if you're reading this you're obviously more interested in the progression of this agency than the next person, so please come forward, msg me, snake or spunkii; let us know. The hardest thing about having a good SF leader is finding someone that wants to do it. Its not an easy task, you'll have to be on a lot and you'll have setup the dropship etc. Please I want this agency to place, and I know with good leadership the other things will fall into place. Don't be worried about hurting my feelings, because I take our losses pretty damn hard as is and I know that a good part of those losses are my fault. Kurbage thank you, because I've wanted to get that off my chest for awhile, but I haven't had the balls to do so.


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Building of a team Empty Re: Building of a team

Post  Guest on Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:56 am

Wow thats one way to man up when I gave my suggestions to other agencies in the past they didnt take it so well. I also dont mean it as advice but more as a suggestion after all this isnt my agency. Another thing, your not that far off from being a good strike force leader. Like I said it was just the combination of everyone barking orders. Id lead the strike force but I havent established respect from other players in mercsquad yet and that is kinda needed with a side of being in the agency for awhile. Spunkii leading is not a bad idea just the fact shes a female theres already respect established between her and pretty much anyone in the game. Personally im some what of a sexiest so I could care less.

For the most part melt down your a good leader. I thought you guys completly sucked and even was told from a friend from bioshock and ares that you guys tech whore. I was suprised to see such an improvement and the fact you guys try not to anymore is a big step. Over all mercsquad went from noob to worthy in about week and the decisions you made meltd are becaue of this "get what im saying" One big thing is just keeping your chin up and everyone elses. When I would loose a match id do my best to point out what my agents did right and try not to focus on the wrongs. This really does not make sense to some but when you focus on the good things people do tend to do them more wich slowly makes the wrongs vanish. My whole theory is by doing this it keeps the teams morale up cause everyone knows there doing well and focus on doing well rather then focus on not screwing up.

1st step to getting better is admiting your wrongs they shouldnt have to be pointed out. Wich is another reason im impressed with you meltdown you admited and knew but I think you should try again before you hand the sf over. Your doing alright man the only thing I see now is your just being to hard on yourself. Once again though I apreciate the fact you listened. Out of everyone in the agency I probably have the least amount of say so but yet you still take me seriously. Kudos I hope by now everyone sees I just want to help so im going to come clean. My loyality is to another agency and no im not a spy and no I cant say who but for now im here for you guys.


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Building of a team Empty Re: Building of a team

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